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Our Patients Rock!

Question:  Does our office have the most amazing patients? Answer:  We sure do!! Check out our patient, Brent Jensen, who announced his debut novel "No Sleep 'Til Sudbury." Way to go Brent!

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Night Guards

It’s easy to be skeptical when it comes to the diagnosis of needing a night guard.  After all, the majority of patients are grinding or clenching their teeth in their sleep. So what are the signs?  Often we note that the patient’s teeth may appear flat and worn down. ...

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Helping Hands Daycare

We share our building with some other great local businesses; one of them is the Helping Hands Daycare!  Recently we hosted their Sr. Preschool class for a tour of our office and to learn about brushing.  We received a very thoughtful thank you card after and we loved...

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