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Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry will tell you himself, as he has a young family, that it can be challenging to teach your child the importance of frequent and consistent brushing.  Although we are all aware that candies and soft drinks with high sugar content or acidity are poor for your teeth, we often forget that so-called “healthy” choices (like apple juice) can also contain the same.

Why not try this fun experiment at home with your children to demonstrate the harmful effects erosion can cause?

The Experiment – Erosion Invasion!

This experiment simulates an acid attack on teeth and bones (bones are rich with calcium, similar to our teeth).

What you’ll need: 

  • 2-3 clean chicken bones (be sure to save them when you have chicken for dinner)
  • 1 clear jar
  • 1 bottle of white vinegar

What to do: 

Have the child inspect the chicken bones prior to placing them in the clear jar.  Note with the child how strong and hard the chicken bones appear.  Have the adult pour several inches of vinegar into the clear jar. Soak the clean chicken bones in the vinegar overnight.

What will happen: 

Check out the bones after they’ve soaked in the vinegar overnight. Are they softer or harder? The acid dissolves the calcium and other minerals out of the bones to make them soft. This is similar to the way that bacteria and plaque can remove the minerals from your enamel when the decay process occurs. Be sure to throw the bones away in the garbage.

Maintaining good oral health habits is key!  Ensure you keep up with your professional cleanings and visit us at Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry.

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