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Halloween is fast approaching and there is no doubt your child will be coming home with a seemingly endless supply of sugary candy!  While many parents enjoy letting their kids indulge in the treats of the season, they often wonder how much is too much.  When does dental damage occur?  We ask our Brooklin Dentist for some helpful tips.

Dr. Snider’s recommendations:

Schedule a “Candy Time” once a day, preferably with meals, not in between.  By having your child eat a larger quantity of candy in one sitting or at a designated time, helps deter the grazing effect.  By eating a continuous amount of treats throughout the day (grazing), the teeth are likely to be sitting in enamel-corroding acid, which could be the perfect recipe for a dental emergency.

Be Picky!  In addition to checking for any candy that may have been tampered with, take a look at the type of candy your child has received.  Keep in mind items like jaw-breakers can be tough on or even break teeth, similarly items like taffy can adhere easily to the biting surface and between teeth.  Try to choose the lesser of the evils to have your child indulge in.

Brush & Floss.  Let your kids relish in “Candy Time”, but just remember thorough brushing and flossing can go a long way!

Wishing your boys and ghouls a safe and Happy Halloween!