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Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry
We welcome you, from our family to yours!

Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry
We welcome you, from our family to yours!

Brooklin- Whitby Childrens Dentistry

Childrens Dentistry

In addition to treating adults, we also offer a full range of treatment options for children’s dentistry. Its very important to bring your children in for a checkup at a young age so that they will become comfortable with the new environment and not have anxiety or fears about the dentist when they get older. The recommended age to start bringing your child to the dentist is 3 years old. Maintaining a regular schedule for dental visits with children starts them off early in life with proper oral hygiene practices, which increases the likelihood of positive dental habits as adults. Here at Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry, we have created an atmosphere conducive to making children feel comfortable with items such as large-screen TVs in all patient rooms. To schedule your child in for an appointment at our office, please call us today at 905-655-6255.


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