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Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry
We welcome you, from our family to yours!

Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry
We welcome you, from our family to yours!

Brooklin- Whitby Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

At Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry we are able to use intra-oral pictures and a digital software to show the patient what their smile looks like before treatment, as well as what it can look like after treatment. It not only allows us to educate patients, but it’s also a great way to allow the patient to work with the dentist to achieve their ideal treatment and esthetic goals.

Based on the collaboration between the dentist and the patient in the smile enhancement process, the information gathered then allows the lab technician and master ceramist to provide the best care possible to the patient. This digital smile design method allows us to create the perfect aesthetic and functional result step by step.

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