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When it comes to maintaining a healthy mouth, many of our patients tell us that they carry a supply of cavity fighters with them on a daily basis.  The most common items being a manual toothbrush and floss.  Dr. Shane Snider, who practices out of our Brooklin office, reminds us that the type of snacks we chose can also be an effective defense at preventing cavities!

Here’s what our Dentist snacks on!

  1. Sugarless Chewing Gum.  Hard to believe, but its true!  Chewing gum helps to dislodge particles and helps promote salivary flow in the mouth.  Look for gums sweetened by xylitol.  Xylitol is a sugar substitute and cannot be broken down into an acid by your mouth.
  2. Cheese.  Cheese is great for your teeth and contains calcium and phosphates.  For an overall health approach, look for the cheese sold in 100 calorie snack packs.
  3. Pears.  Many fruits can contain high acidity levels, so instead of an orange why not reach for a pear?  Pears contain a high water content, which helps dilute the natural sugars.
  4. Nuts.  Nuts are a wonderful source of nutrition and won’t harm your teeth, just ensure you don’t use your teeth to crack the shells!

Have questions regarding healthy snacks or your overall oral health?  We’re here to help!