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Is the Easter Bunny visiting your Brooklin home this weekend?

The long weekend is here and perhaps many treats too – courtesy of the Easter Bunny.  All that chocolate and all those jelly beans can be very temping to anyone! In fact, if you’ve purchased Easter treats early this year, there may be a good chance those treats have already disappeared and you’re anxious to get more.  If you’re nodding your head in agreeance, we’ve compiled some tips for you!

  • Choose Chocolate.  In comparison to hard and chewy candies, chocolate (in moderation) is the better choice.  Chocolate melts away at a quicker pace and can be more easily washed away with saliva and brushing.
  • Plan Candy Alternatives.   Switch up the egg hunt this year by providing candy alternatives. Rather then an overabundance of treats and pending on your childrens age, brightly-coloured plastic easter eggs can be filled with various items including stickers and small toys!
  • Purchase treats… but closer to your planned event.  By deciding not to purchase any Easter goodies early, you’ll increase the odds of not induldging too much and keeping your moderation goals.
  • Keep Routine.  Many of us visit friends and family during times of celebration.  Pack your toothbrush.  Regular brushing and flossing will help decrease the negative impact of Easter goodies.

Wishing you and yours a safe and “Hoppy Easter”!
– Dr. Snider & Staff