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infectionsAn infection (or abscess) tooth can start out small, but quickly grow quite severe, even requiring hospitalization, if not attended to properly.  If you’ve recently seen your dentist for an dental emergency, that resulted with the diagnosis being infection, it’s very important that you diligently follow your dentists’ instructions.

Instructions may include:

  • Antibotics.  If perscribed, start taking them immediately, as labelled and to completion (even if you start feeling better).
  • Warm saltwater rinses.  Dissolve 1 teaspoon salt in a glass of warm (not hot!) water.  Take a mouthful and pool it in your cheek over the infection area until the water cools; repeat until the water is gone.  By doing this, it will help pull the infection to the surface so it can drain.
  • Stay away from heating packs or hot liquids. Hot items may increase inflamation causing the area to throb and the infection to worsen.
  • No smoking.  If you do smoke, keep smoking to an absolute minimum, if at all.

Remember, even when following these instructions it may take at least 24 hours for the discomfort to subside.  If you don’t get signifcant improvement within 48 hours, it’s best to call your dentist.

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