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If you’re someone who has one or more missing teeth, is looking for a permanent solution to tooth loss, wants to restore a missing tooth without necessarily treating adjacent teeth, or are looking for the most nautural looking restoration possible, Dr. Snider may have suggested you consider dental implant treatment, here, in-house, with Dr. Mark.


The most common question we receive in relation to dental implant treatment is how much do they cost?  The answer is a bit of a complex one, but the solution is simple.  Because no two mouths are exactly the same, ball-parking the cost can be tricky.  Is the patient only interested in having one tooth replaced or multiple teeth replaced?  What do the supporting teeth look like? Is the patient an ideal candidate to ensure long-term health of the dental implant?

Our simple solution is to join us for a free, no-obligation consultation.  This will enable us to address the above questions, answer any questions you may have, provide treatment options and provide an estimate, specific to you.  Our Brooklin dental office knows not everyone benefits from dental insurance or dental implant coverage and for this reason we offer 0% interest payment arrangements to help make treatment affordable to all!