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If your smile appears to be not as bright as it once was, there could be some very logical explanations.  Even patients with perfect oral hygiene may find their teeth subject to discoloration.  If you’re looking to get your pearly whites back, cosmetic tooth whitening may be an option for you!


Reasons why teeth can change color over time:

Food & Drink:  Coffee, tea, red wine and cola are a few of the beverages that have heavy color pigments that easily attach to our enamel.

Tobacco use:  Tobacco is generally made with use of tar.  Tar is naturally dark and when mixed with oxygen in the air, it will turn in to a yellow surface-stain on your teeth.

Dentin:  Dentin is one of the four major components that make up your teeth (enamel, dentin, cementum and pulp.)  Dentin is typically yellow in color and lies just beneath the outer enamel layer.  With age, our tooth enamel may become thinner allowing the yellow dentin to show through.

Our Brooklin dental office has various whitening solutions, including ready-made adaptable trays and custom fitted whitening trays.  Ask us more at your next appointment.