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Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry
We welcome you, from our family to yours!

Dr. Shane Snider Dentistry
We welcome you, from our family to yours!

Why Implants?

Reasons To Consider Getting Implants

  1. why-implantsGive the feeling of being younger: When teeth fall out or are removed the bone in the jaw will gradually be lost over time. The patient’s face will actually take on an older appearance when this bone loss occurs because the jaw itself shrinks.
  2. Improve quality of life: Dental implants are secure in the jaw bone and don’t have multiple parts that feel loose or uncomfortable. With dental implants patients can feel confident in their smile all the time.
  3. Enable eating a balanced nutritious diet: With dental implants there is no limitations to what foods a patient can enjoy. They are able to easily chew and enjoy fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. Without any restrictions on their diet, compared to what they were able to eat with dentures, patients generally see improvements on their overall health.
  4. Feel more comfortable in social settings: Many patients with dentures are very self conscious of their dentures becoming loose or causing them to gag in public. Patients also report not liking to use adhesives. With dental implants this is no longer a worry because implants are very secure in the mouth.
  5. Enjoy food again: Upper dentures cover the roof of the mouth and don’t allow a patient to fully experience the taste and temperatures of the foods they eat. With dental implants the roof of the mouth is left exposed so patients can fully experience what they are eating.
  6. Doesn’t affect nearby other teeth: Dental implants are independent in the patient’s jaw and do not need any support from other teeth in the mouth. When a patient gets a traditional bridge, as a way to replace their missing teeth, the dentist needs to file down some of the adjacent teeth in order for the bridge to remain secure. Also, with partial dentures that have clasps to hold them in place decaying of teeth or loosening of teeth can occur on nearby teeth. 

At Drs. Snider and Margolian Dentistry our dentists have the expertise in dental implant restorations as well as the surgical techniques utilized in placing implants. This is beneficial to the patient because their entire treatment, from the design, placement, and follow up care, is done in our office with the same dentist.

Surgical Implants

We offer free dental implant consultations. To learn more about dental implants, please call our office at 905-655-6255 or email us at: info@drshanesnider.com.


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